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Rosie is interviewed in Jewish Journal!!

Rosie Moss delivers a heart wrenching performance

For her leading role in the Lifetime/ A&E mini series The Rookie, Rosie is interviewed by Darla Murray for Cosmo Magazine.

Rosie was amazingly flexible on set. We made a last second creative change and she rolled with it, kept positive attitude and made it work. Great experience working together. - Barry Flanagan, Director (MTV)

Rosie is interviewed in VoyageLA!!!

Rosie’s the real deal. She can do it all. - Colin Quinn, Comedian

I was so lucky that [Rosie] was who I got to work with. And it's not only that she's an incredibly attractive girl, she has a great personality. She is so genuine. I find her to be an extremely bright light. Working with her, the chemistry was very real. - Leland B. Martin (The Rookie)

Into this maelstrom of intrigue enter Yasue’s aide-de-camp Setsuzo Kotsuji (Scot Keiji Takeda) and Kaufman’s pretty young daughter Sarah (Rosie Moss). When the pair strike up a friendship which quickly progresses to a romance forbidden by both Japanese and Jewish custom, sparks fly in all directions. - Truth is Stranger than Fiction -

Who wouldn't want to work with someone as talented, prepared and enthusiastic as Rosie Moss? All of her work has been terrific and her smile lights up the green screen. In short: Rosie Moss provides movie-introducing gold. - Zac Whinnem, Director (EPIX)

Moss channels her inner Rosie Perez as an absolutely enchanting Hispanic supporter of shortstop Ruben Tejada. - Jeff Capellini (

(Rosie Moss) has just played an acoustic version of Brittany Spears’ “Oops! … I Did It Again” in English and Hebrew... - The Argonaut